Its mid Jan, we’ve fallen off the wagon and the biscuits are sneaking back on the menu. So lets try a bit of distraction and start planning the new kitchen we’ve been promising ourselves.

Remember the sink you admired in the glossy Sunday supplement;  pristine white with no ridges or grooves to catch the grime……….

sinkSo why choose a white seamless sink?

Seamless Sinks are exceptionally easy to clean and maintain. The material is non-porous and fitted without seams, so it is the most hygienic option; Mould and bacteria have nowhere to hide!




Is a white moulded sink easy to clean?  The answer is, yes!

White moulded sink

For everyday cleaning, use a damp microfiber cloth with a general household kitchen spray.

For a deeper clean, remove all fat and oil residue with a general household cleaner before spraying with a diluted bleach solution, leave overnight and wipe clean in the morning.  Doing this once or twice a week will help to maintain its striking appearance for many years to come.


So talk to Winchester Kitchens today about their pristine sinks and beyond……