Our recent article in Winchester Magazine reveals the benefits of streamlining your living space.

Roy Stables shared his thoughts with Liz Kavanagh editor of the magazine.

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Space is of a premium in the city of Winchester with increasing numbers of home owners looking to maximise their existing properties as house prices continue to rise, says Roy Stables of Winchester Kitchens and Interiors.TEMPO-ARMADI winchester wardrobe

The company, which was founded in 2006, is enjoying increased demand for its bespoke interior services, with clients having first been impressed by its well-designed kitchens, seeing the potential that streamlining living areas can also offer them.

“City homeowners are realising that by making their space work more effectively they can improve their lifestyle without having to face a move,” says Roy.


“If you’re not in the position where you have a separate study, children’s play area and grown-up sitting room, then it becomes all the more important to define these areas into zones which can be minimised or maximised according to need without stealing precious floor space.

“We help our clients make use of areas in their home that aren’t working hard enough – the space under the stairs, an unloved corner, the new loft conversion, above a window or even in the eaves.”

Visit the impressive interiors showroom in Staple Gardens and you’ll see immediately just how effective interior planning can be.


An ergonomically designed home office nestles into an awkward corner, which is lined with book cases and integral storage and blends seamlessly into a living area; its inset large flat screen TV part of a larger wall panel, where each segment offers a place for everything with trailing wires totally concealed.

In the bedroom, there are hanging, folding and storage sections in integral wardrobes which can be fitted with pocket doors that slide inside. There’s room for handbags, shoes, ties and clothes galore with clearly defined ‘his and hers’ sections ensuring there is no fighting over the soft close drawers.

There’s a vanity area, where the height of the dressing table can be adjusted so it’s perfect for whoever is doing the preening, and integral lighting which includes internal lighting for wardrobes – ideal for those who need to head out of the door for an early commute without having to wake a sleeping partner.CABINE_slide_01 winchester wardrobe

Installing a well-planned bed panel reduces the need for separate stand-alone furniture, with useful storage for books and separate lighting zones ensuring that reading time isn’t cut short by a partner’s need for an early night.

And there’s nothing boxy about this kind of streamlining either, with the choice of finishes ensuring that they blend seamlessly into their surroundings.

From contemporary lacquered finishes to traditional oak and everything in between, clients can benefit from bespoke made cabinets and doors that utilise even the most awkward corners.CORNER WARDROBE ALFA COLLECTION BY NOVAMOBILI

“Day to day clutter can become a thing of thepast,” says Roy. “Not only can we improve the aesthetic appeal of a home, but most important of all, we can also create space, ensuring our clients enjoy their homes without constraint.”

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