As the end of 2014 saw us say goodbye to the explosive trends of metallic hues and geometric shapes in design, we look to the future.

The latest trends as identified by renowned trend forecaster Global Color are being showcased by the May Design exhibitors.


TROPIC:  Tropic is an optimistic and passionate trend, taking inspiration from rich exotic flora and fauna to inspire key colours, patterns and materials. The palette is a combination of contrasting dark tones and new brights, approaching a natural theme with sophistication. Designed to uplift and excite, these expressive colours also have the ability to be calm and comforting.



Winchester Kitchen



BRINK: Brink references classicism and heritage, offering a feeling of control and order. The colour palette is warm and appealing, communicating a sense of authenticity. Warm earth shades complement richer reds and oranges, calmed with a light green.


Traditional family kitchen

Winchester Kitchen

These strong colours seem to have the potential to repel or attract, rather like the marmite effect. We will watch with interest to see how these bold palettes filter down into the design of future kitchens and interiors.