Induction Hob WinchesterThe induction hob has finally made its mark in the modern kitchen.  Induction hobs account for 75% of Miele’s hob sales and the popularity of this worktop cooking has grown from strength to strength. At Winchester Kitchen’s our clients are now asking about induction and wanting to see it being demonstrated, and they are always impressed

So why induction, what makes it such a popular choice? No longer associated with the electric ceramic hobs of the past, which required our mothers to scrape and scrub to clear the burnt on food. The induction hobs are sleek and clean, requiring a relaxed wipe with a damp cloth to keep them gleaming. Induction cooking is faster and more energy-efficient than a traditional electric hob. It offers the advantage of instant control and the chance of a burn injury, a worry with the old electric hob, is greatly reduced, as there is only heat when the pan meets the hob.

hob with eggCost has played a part in their increased popularity; they are now more affordable due to the technology becoming so readily available. More importantly, they offer the clients flexibility and convenience. The new generation induction hobs are available in larger sizes that enable us to easily cater up or down; by choosing a variety of pan sizes they offer power boost functions and warming zones, countdown timers and over-heat detection, all this at the touch of a button.


Induction Hob WinchesterThe domino induction hobs which are really gaining in popularity, allow you to combine with a more traditional hob, this again offers flexibility to create an exciting individual cooking station, perhaps next to a high powered wok burner or a grill?

And what of the future, where will induction hobs move on to as technology gathers speed? The future is very exciting and rather space age, with manufacturers already showcasing future models equipped to offer preset slow cook, fry functions, boil and steam, smarter energy functions. We have also seen an interactive cooktop for internet recipe downloads. No more splattered cookbooks with pages stuck together, simply follow your recipe from the induction worktop!