The range oven has always been associated with larger kitchens with a more traditional feel. Recently however, they have been used in smaller kitchens, as the options available have increased. There are now a number of more compact models available to fit into the kitchens with limited space such as urban apartments and small cottages. These are becoming ever popular, with Rangemaster launching its smallest range cooker measuring 600mm.

It is not only the new flexibility with size which has increased the popularity of the range cooker. Colour has become a new feature with the range, the regular classic of stainless steel has now moved forward and we are beginning to choose fabulous vibrant colours to coordinate, contrast & tone with our new kitchens. The new colour offerings are pastel pink, red, cream, or pastel blue, Britannia have gone one step further and introduced a service called ‘Colourange’. This enables you to customise your cooker to suit your taste and your kitchen. The colour- matching service allows you to create a range cooker in any colour you choose. This bespoke service has now become much more competitively priced and therefore more widely accessible, and within more peoples budgets.

Style aside, the other new innovation in range cookers are the practical cooking options. The most popular combination is the Dual fuel with a gas hob. However, in the last year the induction has been growing in popularity. Induction in general has been recognised as the most efficient and cleanest hob type; induction has become one of the fastest growing features on range cookers.

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The innovation on today’s ranges have really helped the range cooker to move into a wider variety of kitchens, with its options of colours, size and functions. Take a fresh look and you may be surprised.