Here at Winchester Kitchens in Hampshire, we are excited at the launch of Miele’s latest kitchen appliance innovation.

Offering the convenience of a Microwave, with the benefits of a Steam Oven, the DGM 6800 Steam Oven with Microwave will be available from Winchester Kitchens from May 2015.

Powerful steam generator and inlet ports provide fast and uniform steam generation and distribution.  Offering the same full range of functions as flagship Miele steam ovens, the DGM 6800 features more than 150 automatic programmes.

Miele  DGM 6800 Steam Oven with Microwave

The menu can be intuitively browsed by swiping or scrolling with the tip of a finger while functions and menu options appear. The microwave benefits from seven power levels (80-1000W) and includes QuickStart, reheating, defrosting, keep warm and an automatic programme for popcorn.

The Miele DGM 6800 Steam Oven with Microwave is available in the PureLine range in CleanSteel, Obsidian Black, Brilliant White and Havana Brown. It offers cooking on four levels and comes with four stainless steel cooking containers, a wire rack, a glass drip tray, two descaling tablets and a steam cooking recipe book.