Winchester Kitchen Showroom - Hot TapWinchester  Kitchens have been so busy since Christmas, and the launch of Winchester Interiors has been exciting but hectic;  time for Roy and I to take a quick break and head for the sun,  to recharge our  batteries.

Fabulous time was had but what comforts from home did we miss?

Was it the teenagers, the daily newspaper, the BBC, or a cup of tea? …. Well yes and no…..


Hot Tap in our Winchester ShowroomIn our contemporary room, complete with sea view and flat screen TV, something was lacking. The bed was obligatory King Size, the balcony was south facing – all good.

However, when it came to grabbing a quick caffeine fix we realised a hot water tap was nowhere to be seen, back to the slow boil kettle.


Kitchen Showroom - Hot TapThe hot water tap delivers instantly, economically and safely; not so good for procrastination while the kettle boils, but great for energy efficiency. Some models now offer hot water, filtered chilled water and even sparkling.

The boiling hot water tap has without  doubt become a key feature in a modern kitchen (and showroom and hotel room!), with 70% of clients requesting one as a ‘must have’.

Looks like Polly’s days are numbered!