At Winchester Kitchens we know that during the journey from planning to installing a dream kitchen, we will find and discover gadgets from the 21st century to enhance our cooking experience and make our lives easier. From slide and hide ovens, pocket doors, instant hot water taps to steam ovens, there are a multitude of new and improved products to consider, before making our choices. One such improved classic appliance is Miele’s frontloading washing machine available from Winchester Kitchens.

Take a look at what sets them apart from other washing machines and see why Miele has found itself at the top of  Which? recommended brands and a firm favourite with the Good Housekeeping institute. Washing was never such fun!

Miele washing machineThe honeycomb drum

Miele’s patented honeycomb drum has become so synonymous with their  laundry appliances that it is easy to forget the impact it had on you and your clothes when it launched 20 years ago. The new honeycomb structure created a cushion of water between the surface of the drum and the garments. This level of protection meant that you could  trust your machine to keep your colourful t-shirt vibrant wash after wash, your denim  as dark as when you bought it and your most delicate items intact. The new patented SoftSteam honeycomb drum now makes ironing simple, using heat  after the final spin to create steam and lift out creases.


At the end of the wash program, the drum continues to turn at intervals for up to 30 minutes to help prevent creasing. The door can be opened and laundry removed at any time during the anti-crease phase. Miele’s woollen programs don’t have an anti-crease phase.

Dark garments

For dark colour garments made from cottons or mixed fibres. The dark garment cycle raises water levels and prolongs rinse phases to ensure detergent marks are removed.


The Denim program uses a gentle drum rhythm and three rinses with a high water level help to prevent loss of colour while removing traces of detergent that may cause streaking. Miele also advises washing your jeans inside out.

Favourite programs/memory function

You can save up to 10 wash programs with the settings you have selected for them, under names of your choice. Names can have up to 12 characters and are stored alphabetically.

If you would like to find out more about this fabulous washing machine, do pop into our showroom in Winchester to find out more.