Cooking just got sexy! From Salisbury to Bishops Waltham, Basingstoke to Hythe our cooking skills just keep getting more adventurous. Here at Winchester Kitchens we recognise the need for quality appliances to make us more Masterchef and less McDonalds!

flexinduction siemens winchester salisbry kitchen

Siemens have brought to the marketplace, FlexInduction so you can take your cooking further and be more creative. Flexinduction really does mean ‘any pan, anywhere’ cooking; no more juggling hot pans for hob space. It uses an enlarged single zone that heats pans of any size, positioned anywhere within it, giving great flexibility and improved control over cooking requirements. Only if cookware is detected will the individual inductors work, ensuring efficient operation.

Our hob accessories have been designed to provide more flexibility and make cooking even more of a pleasure.

TEPPAN YAKI The Teppan Yaki. Heating extremely quickly the Teppanyaki is great for fast Japanese cooking. Perfect for a cooked breakfast or a healthy stir fry.

GRIDDLE PLATE The versatile Griddle plate maintains an even heat, perfect for frying steak.

griddle plan flexinduction
ROASTING DISH – Perfect for use with flexInduction hobs this multipurpose dish is a must for roasts.

siemens roasting dish flexinduction