Fabulous Kitchens need beautiful lighting, long gone are the days of the ugly vinyl strip. Dark corners need to be lit, ambience needs to be created and controlled, and clarity to do the task in hand is all dependent on clever and thoughtful lighting.

The demands on lighting have never been greater since the kitchen area became a family living space. Lighting in an open plan room needs careful consideration, not only will the aesthetics come into play but the ability to have control and flexibility. It also needs to be practical for cleaning in the kitchen area. Additional pendant lights over the breakfast bar works well.

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Every kitchen is different, not only in size but also in style, this influences the choices we make. However, the basics of kitchen lighting remain the same, plenty of light is always preferable, and the use of dimmer switches gives us the control to get the level just right.

In our designs, most kitchens will have a form of ceiling light, and under lighting on cabinets. Planning the lighting in conjunction with the kitchen design always ensures that the lighting really brings the kitchen to life, showing it to its best advantage. The cabinet lighting will provide an extra boost for the food preparation areas.

The ceiling often incorporates recessed kitchen spot lights, or down lights, giving an unobtrusive look. This gives a modern fresh feel and is particularly good for low ceilings. These lights can also be angled to throw light for an attractive effect, creating and highlighting accent walls, or granite feature worktops, glass splash backs, and the spot lights are available in a variety of finishes, chrome, satin silver or white. Finally don’t forget to look down! Plinths with the addition of tiny Led lights looks cool and add interest.

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