Making the right colour choices for your home can sometimes be intimidating, but fear not, our fabulous supplier Multiwood has provided this great guide to helping you choose the right colour scheme for your new kitchen.

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Layout and lighting

The size of your room and the lighting available will dictate which colours will work best within it. For example using dark shades in a small room that only has limited lighting (particularly from natural sources) will give a gloomy impression overall.

Whereas, using lighter tones in areas where there are wall cabinets will add a sense of contrast while helping to give the room a brighter feeling. In general, larger, well-lit rooms give the greatest scope  when it comes to experimenting with colour.

Neutral colours

Neutrals are an excellent choice where space is at a premium as they can make a room seem lighter and larger. Using a single shade throughout or mixing similar tones together can create a clean and classic look.

Rivington Cream Main (Copy)

Contrasting colours

Neutral shades can also be used to offset contrasting shades, and using hues that are opposite in colour or tone can help to divide a space into different areas or to create an interesting focal point.

Bold colours

Bringing bold colours into a room can help to add impact and energy. Strong tones are a good way to highlight features such as shelving, islands and freestanding units. However, care is needed to ensure the bold shades used add punch to the overall scheme, rather than dominate it.

Ely Close Up Door Profile Cameo (Copy)