We are all aware that the kitchen has become the hub of our home. No longer a place to cook and prepare food, space is at a premium and we are using the kitchen as a room to multitask in. With the trend towards open plan living, and zoning, this space needs clever planning as well as effective storage.

Key considerations

  • Do you cook regularly and will you require a number of different ingredients, that may be difficult to store?

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  • How do you “live” in your kitchen? Do you like everything in a place and out of sight or do you prefer to have things at hand on the worktop?
  • Consider any small appliances such as coffee machines, food processors, juicers – where would you ideally like to put these?
  • Be realistic! It’s no good trying to park a tank in a bike rack! The space available needs to be utilised sensibly and with all best intentions you need to consider the flow of your kitchen; take advice on what will fit in, you cannot overfill the space. Features such as islands and breakfast bars will need certain space requirements in order to work.
  • Calculate the space. Every kitchen is different, as are the needs of the people using it, but each kitchen will need a certain amount of storage. We recommend starting with a tall larder with two standard drawers and four pan drawers and then adding as necessary to meet your personal needs.
  • A good rule of thumb is to allow two cupboards for each adult and one each for everyone else. And if you’re planning to expand your family, factor this in.

What’s trending?


Drawers are much easier to use than standard cupboards, which can be hard to access and can easily become cluttered.Good drawers can now take up to 35kg distributed weight, so they are very practical. Position some close to the dishwasher, too. It’s great to be able to empty everything straight into a drawer.

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Access awkward spaces

It can be hard to keep a deep, standard cupboard tidy or reach items stored at the back, but there are ways to make cupboards more efficient. A rotation or pull-out shelf allows full access to the back of the cupboard.  Detail_02 best

Integrate your bins
Design a dedicated cupboard for waste and recycling bins, or use dead space elsewhere in the kitchen.’

Know the shelving pros and cons
Adding some open shelving to your kitchen will not radically boost its storage, but it can help to soften up the appearance of a space kitted out largely with cupboards and drawers. It can be nice to have just a few shelves to display good-looking items or cookery books. 

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Consider the latest kit
Think about incorporating storage that is not the typical cupboard or drawer. Wine coolers, for example, are increasingly popular and very helpful.

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