We are all familiar with the high gloss, geometric look of contemporary kitchens. They have been popular for a number of years, and are in many kitchens, including mine. However, the word from the forward thinking fashionistas is that the new door on the block is now catching up with gloss. Matt is back – and here in Hampshire at Winchester Kitchens our clients are really starting to embrace the new look!

modern slab door

Matt Kitchen

Nationally the trend is still split 80/20 in favour of gloss but this is changing rapidly. However, talking to our senior designer Mark Stickland, as a company we find the folk of Hampshire are bucking the trends with a 50/50 split. It could be argued that increased supply of matt is due to it being more widely accessible for everybody, and not only the high end of the market. It may also be that clients, who have had gloss kitchens in the past, are simply feeling ready for a change and perceive matt as being the natural step forward.

Futura Gloss Bronze & Gloss White Portrait_CMYK

Gloss Kitchens

So why are clients turning to matt in their kitchens?  Trends in décor have led clients to combine two colours or textures; this creates definition and contrast and brings variety and interest.  Design is moving away from uniform colours; matt doors are much easier to incorporate in this colour trend. Winchester Kitchens find the Hampshire market is highly influenced by London trends where other companies are feeding back that matt is particularly popular, especially in shades from the neutral palette, grey is continuing to grow in demand.  Matt doors of these tones work well when coupling with wood effects or more vibrant colour choices.

Matt lacquers also work well to help create a cohesive and warmer aesthetic space; the look is more subtle than the gloss finish.

All this sounds exciting, but before we abandon gloss completely we do need to consider other factors when choosing gloss over matt. Matt won’t show fingerprints and glaring reflections which is a big advantage, but the reflection properties of gloss are a major influencing factor for creating and enhancing the feeling of space and light. The high gloss doors are used by our designers in kitchens to reflect light around the room and make it feel brighter, giving a room a much larger feel.

So what will you choose….?