Check out these clever cleaning tips that can help you cut your cleaning time in half, and clean the spots, spaces, and surfaces you had no idea how to clean. They’re very easy and inexpensive. And more importantly, very effective!

Clean your blender by blending soap and water.

Sometimes, simply scrubbing the blender with a sponge and running water can’t remove food particles or smells that get left behind. The problem with this is that the residue left behind, that isn’t always visible to the eye, can be a dangerous breeding ground for the bacteria that causes stomach bugs and sickness. A problem which is even more prevalent when the weather is warm.  To avoid incidents of stomach upset its imperative to keep the blending squeaky clean. This shouldn’t involve expensive cleaning products or be time consuming. Just simply fill the blender and add some washing up liquid (such as Fairy, other brand are available :-)). Turn it on and blend for a minute, then empty and blast again with hot water. You have yourself a super clean blender in just seconds and you can make yourself all the green smoothies with no hassle!


Clean your sponges.

Even the sponge that you clean your pots, plates, and pans with need to be cleaned as well. Just place your sponge inside the microwave. Microwave it for about 2 minutes and that will kill 99% of bacteria.


Use the iron and damp washcloth combo.

If you have stubborn ugly stains on your carpet and no cleaning solution seems to work, try this simple trick. Mix vinegar and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray some on the stained carpet and cover it with a damp washcloth. Put the iron on steam setting and iron the stained spot for about 30 seconds. If it’s a tough stain, repeat the procedure as necessary.

Wash small toys in a mesh laundry bag.

Children play with their toys all the time, and you have no idea the places and surfaces these toys come in contact with. Cleaning them one by one is just time-consuming, so just throw everything inside a laundry mesh bag and wash it in the washing machine or the dishwasher.

Use a squeegee to remove pet hair on carpets.

Squeegees are not just limited to cleaning windows. They can be very effective cleaning tools to remove pet hair from your carpet, furniture, and car seats. Just trying running it through your carpet and you will see all the animal hair being removed. They work even better than vacuums!

Use vinegar to clean shower heads.

Fill a small plastic bag with white vinegar. Tie it around the showerhead and let it soak in vinegar for about 2 hours. After that, just wash it off with water. You will see that your showerhead will be gleaming like brand new again.

Clean window blinds with socks.

You don’t need to buy those fancy dusters or vacuums just for the purpose of cleaning your window blinds. All you need is an old pair of socks (make sure they’re clean, though), and some water with vinegar. Wear one sock like a glove on one hand, dip it in the water and vinegar mixture, and wipe off the dirt on the blinds. Use the other sock to dry it.