Choosing a new kitchen design like many other aspects of modern life, has embraced technology, enabling us to no longer struggle with visualisation and open up new possibilities, aided by CAD design (computer aided design). Taking out all the guess work, decisions on everything from new cabinet style to floor colour, can give us the confidence to make decisions about arguably the most important room in our homes.

winchester kitchen CAD

winchester kitchen CADTechnology now brings a design to life and its influence in helping to design our homes is only going to grow as CAD packages improve year on year.

CAD can not only render a room three dimensionally but it can offer a multitude of options in terms of fittings, fixtures and colours. It can even help to optimize the design of the room in terms of ergonomics.



The biggest benefit of CAD for consumers is the ease with which you can view your kitchen design, laid out in numerous ways, to see which you prefer. Once this is rendered in 3D it is much easier to see whether for example, the oven and sink are in the most accessible and practical position for preparing food. The advantage of viewing various styles of kitchen fittings, fixtures and flooring is that you can make your preference including detailed choices such as whether a particular wall will look better plastered or with a stripped back brick effect.

Whilst the floor plan can be useful as a general guide, a 3-D design, visual experience will take the strain out of making costly kitchen choices and enable the client to feel more confident from the outset with their personal selections.




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