The kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s not just a place to cook and eat, it’s somewhere that friends and family gather to spend quality time together – which means the kitchen has to look and feel like a place that people want to spend time in.

There are plenty of options to choose from when you’re creating your kitchen and sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming, but the first step is choosing the style of your kitchen. The type of kitchen style that you choose is up to you, there are plenty of styles to choose from and each allows you to add your own personality into it.

This is perfect for big open kitchens as it’s big enough for a large dinner table for the family to sit around. It has a homely feel with open shelves that show off the kitchen utensils and looks great with a wide sink to fit all of the dishes in.

Winchester Kitchen Mereway-TC-Lincoln











A modern kitchen is as clean cut as possible, very minimalistic in terms of décor and clutter but it allows the materials used on the worktops and cabinets to shine through and take centre stage, modern kitchens are very sleek.

Futura White Gloss kitchen hampshire











In this type of kitchen you’ll find antique finishes and furniture – it has a classic look and feel.

Winchester Kitchens Traditional (4)















Though contemporary style kitchens can look similar to modern kitchens, they are usually a bit quirkier and involve a splash of colour – contemporary kitchens allow you to be different and to experiment with colours and fixtures.













If you’re not quite sure whether you want a contemporary or a traditional kitchen then opt for transitional, it means you get to choose your favourite parts of both kitchens to create a kitchen that you love.

Winchester kitchen Trend Shaker Woodgrain Cashmere & Shaker Woodgrain Pumice (Price Group 4)